Applying for a Thai passport

Thai Consulate General Vancouver

Consular Services


Documents required when applying for a Thai passport

  • Passport application form
  • 13 Digit Thai Identification card


How to apply

Applicants must submit their application in person. An appointment is recommended.

Other documents (if applicable)

  1. Certificate of personal name change
  2. Marriage registration certificate
  3. Divorce registration certificate
  4. Adoption registration certificate
  5. House registration document.


Notes :
Consent of parents or legal guardian(s). Minors under 20 years of age must come to the passport office with both father and mother or legal guardian(s). In case one of the parents is unable to come, he/she must sign a letter of consent, which must be brought to the office by the other parent and the minor.

Download form

Re-New Passport Application form1 (required 2 sets)

Re-New Passport Application form2 (required 2 sets)

Download Acrobat Reader 5

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